Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract submission deadline

  • The deadline for receiving abstracts is Monday 16 September, 2019 considering the date of completion and submission of the electronic form. Abstract submission does not require registration for the conference.


  • The abstracts should be sent online using this electronic form.
  • Any changes to the abstract prior to the closure date should be made via a resubmission on the electronic form. Amendments submitted after this date may not be accepted by the Scientific Committee.
  • Abstracts are encouraged to fall within the offered categories, however we are willing to consider abstracts which do not fit perfectly as long as they have merit and relevance.
  • Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words including Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion including any references. No diagrams will be accepted in the abstract submission, though they will be permitted in the final presentation or poster.

The Scientific Committee 

  • The abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the 3DMed Australia Conference 2019.
  • Original works, not presented in other conferences or published elsewhere, will be given priority.
  • The Scientific Committee will decide on the format of the accepted paper (taking into consideration the author’s preference) as either:
    • oral podium presentation
    • poster session with oral presentation
    • poster only without oral presentation (not eligible for prizes)
  • The Scientific Committee will decide on acceptance of papers based on:
    • scientific and methodological quality
    • relevance, impact and value of content
  • The decision of the Scientific Committee is final and will not be entered into.
  • The results of abstract selection will be communicated at the latest via email to the submitting author by Monday 23 September, 2019.

Presentation at the Conference

  • Upon acceptance, the presenting author is required to register for attendance at the conference.
  • Podium presentation, poster presentation, and poster display will not be permitted if the presenting author does not register for and attend the conference.
  • The session, timing and format of the presentation or poster will be communicated to the presenting author after acceptance of the abstract.
  • Posters and presentations may be recorded for promotional purposes and placed on a publicly accessible website. If the authors do not wish their paper to be recorded or made available then please inform the conference organisers.

Prizes and Awards

  • One or more prizes may be offered during the conference for presentations based on content and quality. The selection and awarding of these prizes is at the discretion of the Scientific Committee.
  • The Best Trainee Presentation Prizes will only be eligible to students registered at a secondary or tertiary institution, specialist trainees in a medical college training program, or junior doctors in a public or private hospital. This will be awarded at the discretion of the Scientific Committee.

Conflict of Interest Disclosures, Ethical Behaviour and Patient Confidentiality

  • Potential relevant conflicts of interest should be declared at the time of presentation or within the poster.
  • Patient privacy and confidentiality should be respected at all times. We ask that any identifiable content be obscured or deleted in order to protect patients from re-identification.
  • The conference values diversity and respect for all peoples. We encourage patient, client and consumer engagement. Please be mindful of comments, statements or content in your paper which may offend others.
  • Failure to declare conflicts or breach of ethical standards may result in removal of papers from the conference or published proceedings.