Meet the 3DMedLab Team

Mr Jason Chuen  @ozvascdoc Jason is Founder and Director of 3DMedLab at Austin and passionate about exploring technology and surgery. He is also Director of Vascular Surgery at Austin Health and is a Clinical Senior Fellow at The University of Melbourne. His other roles include AMA Victoria Councillor, President of the Australian Chinese Medical Association of Victoria, and former Chair of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Victorian Region.
Dr Jasamine Coles-Black @JasamineCB Jasamine is currently undertaking a Masters degree in 3D Printing at The University of Melbourne based at Austin Health. She has been a Research Community Coordinator at Research Platforms, The University of Melbourne, supporting uptake of 3D Printing technology through hands-on workshops.
Dr Ian Chao Ian is an anaesthetist based at Austin Health and Eastern Health. He holds an interest in anaesthetic training and simulation and runs our anaesthetic simulation model design and printing program.  
Mr Jake Eadie Jake is a prosthetist at Austin Health with an interest in development of 3D printed amputee prostheses.
Ms Julia De Marchi @JDM_Events Julia provides Administrative and Event Support to the 3DMedLab. She also is Department Secretary to Vascular Surgery at Austin Health and Director of JDM Events.

Research Students

  • Gordon Chen
  • Michael Wei Zhi Jiang
  • Dr Andrew Woo
  • Dr Judy Wang

3dMedLab Alumni

Dr Eka Moseshvili Eka was a Radiation Oncologist based within the Radiotherapy Department at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre. She has an interest in structural modulation of radiotherapy beams through 3D-printable beamformers. She is currently based at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Bendigo.
  • Dr Matthew Pappas
  • Dr Tony Chien-Tse Kao
  • Dr Dianne Munteanu
  • Dr Carina Rose Hadden