3d Med Australia 2018 – Program

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Please find below the final program for the 2018 3D Med Conference. We look forward to seeing you there!

Day 1 – Saturday October 13, 2018
09.00 Registration & Morning Tea
10.00 Welcome Jason Chuen
Clinical Applications
10.30 3D Printing in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Elizabeth Sigston
Lessons from 680 Spine Cases with 3D Printing Paul D’Urso
Toward Prevention of Spinal Fractures using 3D Computer models and imaging techniques Hossein Mokhtarzadeh
3D printed patient-specific scaffolds for tissue regeneration: a perfusion bioreactor study Mia Woodruff
Cynthia Wong
3D printed Titanium Implants in Neurosurgery Ron Jithoo
3D Printing and Regenerative Medicine Dietmar Hutmacher
Does 3D Printing Improve Surgical Outcomes? Raf Ratinam
Panel Discussion
12.15 Lunch  
The Med Tech Industry
13.15 Development of photocurable resin for 3D printing of soft and  elastic medical devices Tim Hughes
3D printed Titanium models Darpan Shidid
Biofabrication of human articular cartilage: a path towards the development of a clinical treatment Carmine Onofrillo 
History of e-NABLE Jen Owen 
A 3D printing filament for bespoke X-ray phantoms Blake Cochran  
Panel Discussion  
14.45 Afternoon Tea  
Engaging Patients and Community
(Session open to public)
15.15 The Patient’s Perspective Roger Jones
e-NABLE and Community Powered Prosthesis Development
Jen Owen
Engaging Collaborators using social media Eric Levi
  Business Talk: What is required to start up a Hospital Printing Service Jasamine Coles-Black
  Panel Discussion
16.30 Close of Day 1
Day 2 – Sunday October 14, 2018
  Uni Melb 3D Printing Tour 
09.00 VR Lab Tour The University of Melbourne VR Laboratory
09.30 Registration & Morning Tea Jason Chuen
Simulation and Teaching
10.00 3D Printed Aortic Aneurysm Models for Pre-Surgical Simulation Jason Chuen
The Virtual Heart in Virtual Reality Jarius Sevigny and Charles Bowne
Real blood or virtual blood? What’s the best way to prepare for a Mass Casualty Incident? Motti Blum
A 3D Printed Circle of Willis Model for Simulation Stewart Ryan
Growing the STEM Fields in thousands of schools worldwide Jen Owen
3D Modelling in Robotic Surgery: A Urological Perspective Nathan Lawrentshuk
3D Printing at the Centre for Human Anatomy Education Justin Adams
Panel Discussion
12.00 Lunch  
Regulation & Ethics in 3D Printing
13.00 Current Regulatory Landscape of 3DP in Medicine Elizabeth McGrath
Regulation surrounding Bioprinting Research Tajanka Mladenovska
Ethics in Bioprinting Cathal O’Connell
Copyright and 3D Printing Michele Gaca
Panel Discussion
14.30 Afternoon Tea  
Abstract Presentations 
15.00 Three-Dimensional Pathology Specimen Modelling Using “Structure-From-Motion” Photogrammetry Shane Battye
  Case series of 3-dimensional printing in spinal fusion. What have we learned thus far?
Timan Choy
  Can we print 3D diamond?  Kate Fox
  The benefits of 3D printing in orthopaedic preoperative planning: a literature review Michael Jiang
  Simulation training using 3D printing in Otolaryngology
Gordon Chen
  Assessment of coronary artery obstruction risk during transcather aortic valve replacement utilising 3D printing  Jeremy Russo
  Crime in 21st century: Application of 3D Methods in Forensic Medicine 

Agnieszka Sekula

  State-of-the-Art Mid and Lower Face Reconstruction

Ed Stanley

  Evolution of computer-assisted surgery and custom-made implants in maxillo-mandibular reconstruction
Felix Sim
  Lessons in 3d Modelling of Gynaecological Anomalies Rose Hadden
  3D CT with a Virtual Reality Interface Enhances Preoperative Planning for Complex Liver Surgery Lawrence Lau
(Virtual presentation)
  Formal presentations
16.30 Close of Day 2