Medical Device 2019 Hackathon Recap

Thanks to our student and Research Platforms co-ordinators Gordon Chen and Eric Jong 3dMedLab was pleased to support the #3Devices Medical Device Hackathon at the University of Melbourne over the past few weeks.

We kicked off with introductory talks on March 28 along with a “speed-dating” session to match up bright minds in Medicine, Dentistry, Allied Health and Engineering, along with some inspiring talks.

Over the next few weeks, teams had the chance to learn about digital design tools, market research, and prototyping technology.

Pitch Night came around very quickly and we had some awesome projects to judge.

First up was a really exciting, low-cost real-time dental video capture device from Team Health Capture, followed by a single-handed, automatically inflating limb tourniquet for arresting haemorrhage from Team Band-O. #stopthebleed

This was followed by Team Spacette who pitched their transforming multi-dose inhaler spacing mechanism to improve inhaled drug deliver for asthmatics.

The winning team won tickets to the @3dMedLab’s 3dMed Australia Conference and a swag of gift cards to help fund their project further. All up it was great fun and you can read more about the experience at the Research Platforms blog!